Jean-Guihen Queyras takes us into the secrets of one of the moste famous work for cello solo.

How did Bach come to conceive the unimaginable: composing an two-and-a-half hour “opera” for a single 4-stringed instrument?

Why did he use dances throughout the Suites? Are these dances meant to be danced? How does one choose a bowing? How free can the interpreter be? These are only a few of the many questions on which Jean-Guihen will give us his insight as a passionate performer of this Masterwork.

SUITE 1 BWV 1007

1. Suite 1, Prélude: The Call of Nature

Feat. Anne-Teresa de Keersmaeker

2. Suite 1, Allemande: The Storyteller

Feat. Pierre-Laurent Aimard

3. Suite 1, Courante: Up=Down, Down=Done

Feat. Paolo Pandolfo

4. Suite 1, Sarabande: The Erotic of 1 and 2

Feat. Sonia Simmenauer

5. Suite 1, Menuet: Duality and Galanterie

Feat. Amandine Beyer

6. Suite 1, Gigue: Bar structures as a dance map

Feat. Emmanuel Hondré


SUITE 2 BWV 1008

7. Suite 2, Prélude: What is your Minore?

Feat. Steven Isserlis

8. Suite 2, Allemande: Speaking or singing?

Feat. Emmanuel Pahud

9. Suite 2, Courante: A bout de souffle

Feat. Lambert Wilson

10. Suite 2, Sarabande: Hommage to Ingmar Bergman

Feat. Camille Bertault

11. Suite 2, Menuet: Play the Lute!

Feat. Pieter Wispelwey

12. Suite 2, Gigue: Bach’s Leitmotivs

Feat. Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt


SUITE 3 BWV 1009

13. Suite 3, Prélude: The buoyancy of C Major

Feat. Bernard Fouccroulle

14. Suite 3, Allemande: The complexity of Evidence

Feat. Timothy Eddy

15. Suite 3, Courante: Notes with double-functions

Feat. Michael Jarrell

16. Suite 3, Sarabande: The power of the hemiola

Feat. Alexis Kossenko

17. Suite 3, Bourrée: The two faces of a dance

Feat. Emilie Delorme

18. Suite 3, Gigue: Energy from synergy

Feat. Maarten Mostert


SUITE 4 BWV 1010

19. Suite 4, Prélude

Feat. Jean-François Queyras

20. Suite 4, Allemande: Horizontality needs verticality

Feat. Sokratis Sinopoulos

21. Suite 4, Courante: a trilogy of characters

Feat. Nicolas Altstaedt

22. Suite 4, Sarabande: The irresistible call of the second measure

Feat. Alexandra Scheibler

23. Suite 4, Bourrées: Stretching and dancing

Feat. Sasha Goetzel

24. Suite 4, Gigue: A whirlwind in 12/8

Feat. Jean-Guihen Queyras


SUITE 5 BWV 1011

25. Suite 5, Prélude: Un Prélude et Fugue pour Cello

Feat. Christoph Wolff

26. Suite 5, Allemande: A French Majesty

Feat. Kristian Bezuidenhout

27. Suite 5, Courante: Explosion / Implosion

Feat. Vera Beths

28. Suite 5, Sarabande: Le moins et le plus

Feat. Raphaël Imbert

29. Suite 5, Gavotte: The life beyond

Feat. Vito Žuraj

30. Suite 5, Gigue: The Soothing

Feat. Pablo Heras-Casado


SUITE 6 BWV 1012

31. Suite 6, Prélude: Ring, Easter Bells!

Feat. Sergey Malov

32. Suite 6, Allemande: When our soul flies

Feat. Riccardo Minasi

33. Suite 6, Courante: Dance, vitality, and acrobatics

Feat. Hyung-ki Joo

34. Suite 6, Sarabande: Universal Love

Feat. Arthur Nestrovski

35. Suite 6, Gavottes: A village feast and a bagpipe

Feat. Piotr Anderszewski

36. Suite 6, Gigue: Gloria!