“Artistic man can be wholly satisfied only by the unification of all forms of art in the service of the common artistic endeavour. Any fragmentation of his artistic sensibilities limits his freedom, prevents him from becoming fully what he is capable of being. […] When eye and ear mutually reinforce the impressions each receives, only then is artistic man present in all his fullness.”
Richard Wagner, The artwork of the future (1850)


This performance explores the endless possibilities and limits of music and paint. How does what we hear influence what we see and vice versa? If music is the art of the moment, then painting must be the art of capturing a moment.

From Bach to Britten, over Kurtág and Dutilleux, paint and music will enter a dialog over important works of these composers. It will remain up to the viewer and listener to draw the lines between what is lived, and what remains of that experience. This performance presents an opportunity for the audience to challenge any assumptions they have about painting, music and the qualities they share.


Johann Sebastian Bach, Suite No. 3 in C major for violoncello solo, BWV 1009, I. Prélude

György Kurtág, PilinszkyJános: Gérard de Nerval: Largamente

Henri Dutilleux, Trois strophes sur le nom de Sacher

Benjamin Britten, Cello Suite No. 3, Op. 87

Jean-Guihen Queyras, violoncello
Jérémie Queyras, brushes and paints