Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Johann Nepomuk Hummel (1778-1837)

Ludwig van Beethoven
Trio op.1 n°3 en ut mineur/C minor/c-moll
1. Allegro con brio (9'20)
2. Andante contabile con variazione (7'20)
3. Menuetto quasi allegro (3'42)
4. Prestissimo (7'38)
Trio op.70 n°1 "Geister Trio" en Ré majeur / D major / D-dur
5. Allegro vivace con brio (10'20)
6. Largo assai ed espressivo (8'27)
7. Presto (7'57)

Johann Nepomuk Hummel
Trio n°4 op.65 en Sol majeur/G major/G-dur
8. Allegro con spririto (7'26)
9. Andante graeioso (4'08)
10. Rondo. Vivace assai e scherzando (3'54)


Andreas Staier, Fortepiano
Daniel Sepec, Violin
Jean-Guihen Queyras, Cello

1 CD DE 70' 19'' / 2004

Although they were the earliest works that the youg Beethoven thought worthy to feature in his catalogue, the three Trios op.1 were far from being his first compositions. But il was in them taht the first asserted hisa ambitions and revealed his imaginative powers. Nearly fifteen years separate them from the famous "Gosht" Trio, one of the composer's mature masterpieces. Our three performers have judiciously coupled theses works with a remarkable trio by Hummel, one of Beethoven's principal rivals.